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Other reasons for a hard bounce include: Fake email addresses. Typos in email addresses Nonexistent domain name in the email address Invalid emails from a purchased list If you have a high number of hard bounces, it could lead to getting blocklisted, which is something we’ll address later. If you have a smaller number of hard bounces, it’s likely related to having some invalid emails. However, it’s important to remove those contacts from your list as soon as possible to protect your reputation as a sender. Some email service providers (ESPs) will do this for you, automatically adding invalid emails that return a hard bounce to a suppression list.

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Soft bounces A soft bounce indicates a Azerbaijan Mailing Data temporary email deliverability problem. It’s less serious than a hard bounce but is still something you’ll want to keep an eye on. Common reasons for soft bounces include: The contact’s email inbox is full. The size of the email is too large to be delivered. The contact’s email server is down/offline. Mailbox configuration issues. You can try re-sending to email addresses that result in soft bounces. But if it continues to happen, those contacts should be removed from your list. While an ideal bounce rate varies depending on a number of factors, in general, you’ll usually want to keep your bounce rate below 1%. That includes both hard and soft bounces.

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Delivery rate Even though you’ll hear the term BH Lists thrown around in email marketing circles there’s no such thing as a “deliverability rate.” What those marketers are actually talking about is the delivery rate. The delivery rate measures the percentage of emails that make it to recipients’ mailboxes. That means any folder: the inbox, spam, promotions tab, etc. It counts any email that didn’t bounce. So, let’s say you send a campaign to 100,000 email addresses. If 5,000 get blocked, another 5,000 bounce, 10,000 go to spam, and 70,000 land in the inbox, your delivery rate is 80% (not 70%).


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