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In this case, you’ve include a correct doctype declaration and in which your email is properly displaye with its CSS and HTML specifications. If you don’t include a doctype declaration or if your doctype declaration is incorrect, your email will display in “quirks mode.” This isn’t the end of the world, but your document will look messy, amateur, and will probably not display as you intende over multiple email clients, as shown below. As a rule of thumb, always include a correct doctype declaration at the top of each of your HTML emails.

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Which doctype should you use? Now that we Costa Rica Email List know more about HTML email doctypes, which one should you use? Well, this one’s a bit tricky to answer because it depends, in part, on your subscriber’s email client. Some email clients don’t offer support for certain doctypes. Others strip it away altogether. In this section, we’ll go over the different doctypes, and in the next section, we’ll discuss the email client support for doctypes. Besides email client support, you need to consider the various HTML elements supporte by each doctype.

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Here’s a list of some BH Lists recommended doctypes: HTML 5 HTML 4.01: Strict, Transitional, or Frameset XHTML 1.0 Transitional Let’s dive into each of these below. What’s the HTML5 doctype? We recommend using the HTML5 doctype if your HTML email template is coded in HTML5. In fact, we recommend you that you use the HTML5 doctype in general. The HTML5 doctype declaration is as follows: <!DOCTYPE html> If you check out the code inside HTML emails you may seem some other stuff in the <html> tag before the <head> begins. This snippet provides some additional information to clients on how to render your code.


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