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There’s even a surprise animat gif of the party blob emoji after you figure it out. Effective Way Technically Here’s how it looks when you win courtesy of sendfe. Jay says it took him three or four hours to get his interactive wordle email working. (of course he’s a living legend among email geeks so don’t compare yourself.) using the checkbox method for interactivity to make it happen he us the trusty checkbox method for interactive emails. Jay wrote about this for the email on acid’s blog several years ago. The method involves using the check css pseudo-selector with a form that has radio buttons or checkboxes to hide and reveal content in an interactive email.

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Basically what you’re doing when you code emails this way is replicating javascript functionality that toggles things on and off. For example here’s an interesting use: jay cod separate keyboards for each of the five letters in the puzzle. When a subscriber clicks a letter on the keyboard it hides that keyboard and reveals one for entering the next letter. But because they are identical keyboards and it happens business lead so quickly recipients don’t notice. Note that the so-call click-to-reveal or punch card method is only support on apple mail outlook for mac and some other email clients using the webkit rendering engine.

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The same goes for email client support for css variables which are a big part of wordle email. So be sure you have a view in browser link for subscribers on gmail. For interactivity in gmail you could try creating a wordle game using the amp for email component amp-bind which the folks at mailmodo have done. What are css variables? Also known as custom properties or cascading variables css variables are entities containing BH Lists specific values that the coder defines and that can be reus and repeat. Effective Way Technically The variables provide an effective way to manage property values.

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