True Leads vs. Phone Leads: Decoding Apartment Lead Generation Strategies

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Finding qualified tenants is paramount for apartment owners and property managers. While phone leads have been a traditional method, True Leads offered by platforms like are gaining traction. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of each approach to help you choose the right strategy for your rental property.

Phone Leads: Instant Contact, But Limited Scope

  • Pros: Phone leads offer the benefit of immediate contact. You can directly connect with potential tenants, answer their questions, and potentially schedule viewings on the spot. This can be advantageous for filling vacancies quickly.

  • Cons: Quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Phone leads may not be as highly qualified as True Leads. They might be from individuals simply browsing rentals, not necessarily those seriously considering a move. Additionally, phone leads tend to be more expensive as they rely on paid services.

True Leads: Targeting Qualified Prospects

  • Pros: True Leads focus on quality over quantity. These leads represent Telemarketing Insurance Leads Appointment Setting renters who have actively researched apartments on or similar platforms, providing specific details about their needs and desired features. This increases the likelihood of finding a good fit for your property. True Leads typically come at a lower cost per lead compared to phone leads.

  • Cons: While targeted, True Leads may not deliver immediate results. Depending on the demand for rentals in your area, it could take some time to receive qualified leads. Additionally, True Leads are limited to the platform you advertise on, so diversification might be necessary.

    XYZ Company (2018 – 2020)

    • Streamlined lead nurturing process using Salesforce,┬áresulting in a 15% conversion rate increase.
    • Conducted market research to identify and target high-value leads.

    Telemarketing Insurance Leads Appointment Setting


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