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Dedicate IPs are normally only us by high-volume senders (more than 100,000 emails per month). If you’re using a traditional ESP, it’s likely that you are on a share IP. That’s why Mailgun deliverability expert Nick Schafer thinks most mailbox providers lean more towards measuring domain reputation. “Share networks are a common thing, and it’s not in a mailbox provider’s best interest to block email traffic that recipients need and want to see in their inboxes. Domain reputation is usually a better indicator of good and bad senders.”

Importance of segmentation in Email Marketing

Nick Schafer, Manager of Deliverability & Bulgaria Email List Compliance, Mailgun However, Nick adds that IP reputation is still a factor you should consider. That’s because he knows email clients like Micrsoft Outlook still use IPs for email reputation scoring, which means it could be quite important for B2B email deliverability. Here’s how Google Postmaster Tools defines different IP and domain reputations: Bad: A history of sending a high volume of spam. Mail coming from this entity will almost always be rejecte at connection time or mark as spam. Low: Known to send a considerable volume of spam regularly, and mail from this sender will likely be mark as spam.

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The bases to create emails that convert

Medium/Fair: Known to send good mail, but BH Lists has occasionally sent a low volume of spam. Most of the email from this entity will have a fair deliverability rate, except when there’s a notable increase in spam levels. High: Has a good track record of a very low spam rate, and complies with Gmail’s sender guidelines. Mail will rarely be marked by the spam filter. So, maintaining a strong email reputation seems fairly simple. Don’t do spammy things, right? Still, it is important to monitor and maintain a good sender reputation to maximize email deliverability.


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