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Such as SEO Specialist, UX Designer, Web developer, and is involv at the forefront in every phase of creation of a web page. I know he is often ask when there is already a mockup to fill; he, on the other hand, should be the figure with the most weight in a team. To understand even better what an SEO Copywriter does, it is important to know that his work is bas first and foremost on briefs, insights and brand documents. These will help you know in detail: the reader personas, therefore the readers of the text; the brand’s verbal identity and tone of voice; the brand’s competitors; page conversion goals; the keywords for which it will have to position it and much more.

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In short, before starting to write, the SEO Copywriter really has a lot to do. What is SEO writing for you? Today, SEO writing is an open challenge with technological evolution and human-to-human communication. Ranking  special data systems bas on algorithms and artificial intelligence now change from month to month and these variations have a concrete impact both on the positioning of websites in the SERPs and on user experiences. For this reason, SEO writing is bas on knowlge of each of these updates: if until a few years ago it was enough to endlessly repeat a keyword in a text to appear on the front page – and everyone could improvise as a content writer.

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Today the so-call keyword stuffing achieves the opposite effect. The reason is that search engine brains “think” more and more like   BH Lists   human beings, they are based on semantic searches, on the meanings of words and know every synonym. To understand better, I’ll give you an example. If we type the query “homemade pizza” into Google, the search engine will immediately understand that we are looking for a recipe. You can already see it from this image. serp seo example with recipes A query like “wall clock” will immiately make the Google Shopping results appear in SERP because the search engine knows very well that we want to buy that product and have no information on how wall clocks are produc.

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