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In the Encyclopeia of Management, we can read that a target market is “one or several segments serve by a given company that shapes marketing instruments in such a way as to win a new customer or keep existing buyers”. In other words, it is a specific group of buyers with specific nees that the company has acquire or wants to acquire through marketing activities aime at meeting these nees. You don’t know who the recipients of your products/services are? To be effective, you nee to know who you are addressing your offer to.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Defining the target market – the basis for success Proper definition of the target market makes it easier to manage the company in every area. First of all, it is the basis for creating and conducting an effective development Guatemala WhatsApp Number List strategy . It allows you to choose the right sales channels for products or services, determines the best form of communication and promotion. In addition, it allows you to optimize the costs of running a business. Knowlege of social, demographic, economic and other factors creates a clear, specific picture of the potential demand for the products or services offere.

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The company knows what sells, knows the nees of its customers.  And thus does not expose itself to sales failures and unnecessary financial losses. Knowing your target market perfectly, you can create products or services.  That meet the nees of consumers BH Lists and conduct marketing activities.  Base on these nees, and thus effectively increase sales and generate attractive profits. One or several segments? A company can target its offer to one or more market segments. The choice depends on the purpose of the company and how it will manage its activities.

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