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This not only solidifies relationships with other brands but also tells your audience that you’re a collaborative organization that thrives on creating value for customers through effective partnerships. In the above newsletter, Instagram scheduler Later does a great job of announcing their partnership with HubSpot and other small businesses. By highlighting their teaming up with a reputable brand like HubSpot, Later tells its audience that it’s a serious brand you can trust. Later also incorporates videos into their email newsletter, which immediately piques the reader’s interest.

How to achieve a positive ROI in a short time?

Research suggests including videos in Cayman Islands Email List your emails can boost open rates by 19%. And they stick to a singular goal in their email newsletter: educating the reader on using Instagram stories. The design is simple and Later divides each piece of video content into separate blocks, making it easier to digest. Take the lead from Later, and start experimenting with inserting videos in your B2B email newsletters. You’re bound to see an increase in your email open rates. 5. Be creative (Trello) Caption: Image source If you’re a B2B company, don’t be afraid to tap into your holiday spirit and create fun email newsletters for the holiday season.

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Seasonal newsletters have always been one of our favorites BH Lists because they allow for a little more creativity. In the above newsletter, project management tool Trello shows how their brand is unique and fun. The simple design doesn’t overwhelm the user, and the Christmas-themed elements help illustrate 12 unique Trello selling points. The message captivates the reader in a fun and creative way. By adding their take on the infamous Christmas carol, “Twelve Days of Christmas,” Trello draws in their audience through a common Christmas experience.


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