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Before starting, it is important to ask yourself which corporate channels need to be prepared for Christmas ( website, e-commerce, social media, etc.). As always we would like to specify that it is not essential to be present everywhere, the important thing is to select some channels and work well on those . Being present everywhere but with an unkept image is worse than being present on a few channels but in an effective manner.

Having said that, let’s get started, here are 6 tips for carrying out an effective Christmas activity online.First of all, it is a good idea to establish all the ideas, deadlines and appointments that you intend to include in your marketing strategy for the pre-Christmas, Christmas and post-Christmas periods . To do this it is necessary to ask ourselves what the fundamental steps are to achieve the objectives set for the Christmas holidays (for example sell more, launch a new product, increase visibility, etc…). This first step is essential so as not to forget anything, not to find yourself at the last minute and also to select the ideas you intend to materialize.

Choose a Christmas style and customize the brand identity

After having identified your strategy and put it down in writing, the time comes to choose the style that best represents the company at Christmas . It will be necessary to make the website, social pages, newsletter and any other channel you want to use Christmas-like. The important thing is to choose a single style that is consistent with your business and apply it to all channels to create uniform and branded communication. This way users will be able to recognize your company online at a glance.
Obviously it will also be necessary to standardize offline communication in order to create continuity.

Create graphics for Christmas greetings

Why not take advantage of the Christmas period to give visibility to a new product or service ? During the holidays people are much more attentive to companies’ proposals as they look for ” the perfect gifts “. This particular period of the year leads users to buy more and search for products online, so it is the ideal time to give visibility to a new product or service. Our advice is to plan sponsored advertising campaigns that are in line with the rest of the Christmas communication.

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