What happened and what changes in concrete terms?

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That of the Privacy Guarantor is not an absolute ban on Google Analytics , but a suspension of data transfer for 90 days to correct certain mechanisms that risk violating some rules.

American legislation allows authorities to have access to all data residing in the USA without guaranteeing effective remedies or guarantees on the rights of interested parties.

Google Analytics is a free Web Analytics service used for monitoring activities on websites. It is a Google tool and is the most popular, used by most companies, individuals and agencies.

Thanks to this tool it becomes easy to collect statistics , data, conversions, completion of events, achievement of objectives and other metrics.  

The illegitimacy of the instrument would derive from the transfer of data to the United States, where data processing is governed by the legal regime provided for in the Privacy Shield.

Digital Market Act and Digital Services Act

The United States and Europe are negotiating a new agreement that takes into account the provisions of a series of provisions such as the Data Acts and the two regulatory packages (Digital Market Act and Digital Services Act) which are ready to come into force in the coming months and are intended to change the rules of digital platforms and markets.

Google's response

At the moment, according to the board of the Guarantor, since the transfer of data to the United States is not prohibited regardless and the provision follows that of the Austrian and French colleagues, it is hoped that a compliant Google Analytics method exists or is created, on which apply the guarantees related to data processing. Therefore it will be necessary to understand if this will be possible.

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