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Snap and done! The magic mirror is a more modern version of the photo booth – it allows you to freely edit our portrait, add emoticons, comments, and immediately publish the photo on social networks. Participants of the event can boast of where they are and what they do with their team. This new type of attraction for corporate events is making a real sensation! Live music Live music is not only pleasing to the ear, but encourages you to have fun and go to the dance floor. If the purpose of the corporate event is also the integration of employees, it will be a great culmination of the evening and will get everyone to have fun.

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You don’t have to invite the most popular star in Poland right away. It’s just that live music sounds better than the one played from the console, regardless of the artist. Shows Shows can even hypnotize, especially if they are conducted properly. The magic UK WhatsApp Number List lies in the fact that they are conducted live, and in addition, the participants of the event can often take part in them. Pyrotechnic shows, performances by illusionists and dancers are very popular . These less common attractions for corporate events will surely appeal to employees.

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Bartender shows also have their loyal fans, especially since they often end with a tasting of drinks. In addition, thanks to them, the atmosphere, even if it was a bit stiff at first, will quickly change to more entertaining. Cabarets and stand-up How to BH Lists make the official training also have its entertainment part? It is best to invite specialists in good humor who will make the audience laugh to tears and loosen the formal atmosphere. You can try to hire a comedian who will also be the host of the event and will lead the whole event in a playful and humorous way.

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