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Imagine, for example, a shop worker, a plasterer, an accountant or a biology teacher. Each of these people can perform the same activities in a different plant or school. They will probably get a similar salary for their work. So what makes them work there and not elsewhere? It turns out that the most important thing is how they relate to other employees. Do they like each other, are they appreciated, do they have something to talk about. Not all of us are aware that, for example, Mrs. Daria has been working with us for 15 years because she likes to go to lunch with her friends from the neighboring department and talk about the cinema.

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Tomasz likes to joke with his co-workers during a coffee break. Pace and efficiency at work A good atmosphere allows us not only to retain employees, but also translates into pace and efficiency at work. If employees can get along, they will perform Bolivia Phone Number List their tasks more efficiently. They will save time and will not waste energy on clearing up misunderstandings. Good relations between them will translate into the achievement of the company’s goals, and thus its profit.

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Such positive energy will certainly influence the emergence of new ideas and faster development. A satisfied employee will also be loyal to his company. Lack of hands to work or problems with timely service? Integration is the basic tool for building BH Lists a good atmosphere and a strong team ! That is why it is so important for employers to organize integration meetings. This is the best opportunity to relax and get to know each other better. What do you need to know about integration meetings? Although team building meetings are a great way to improve communication within the team, they certainly cannot be approached as a cure-all.

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