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Is a comprehensive UX research platform that offers powerful research tools to improve the usability of your digital products, from prototyping to production. Heatmaps are part of your  . The tool allows you to track all user interactions with your site and generate heat maps on demand.  You can generate Click or Tap Heatmaps to view clicks on your site, Move Heatmaps to view how users are moving their cursors, and Scroll Heatmaps to see how far down the page users are scrolling.  The tool collects and indexes all the interactions that users have with the site and allows searches with its SmartSearch filter. This allows you to filter only the user sessions that interest you. 

Engage your audience across multiple channels and platforms

You can analyze every interaction – Capture more user interaction data than with any other analytics tool . Heat maps, activity tracking, and detailed statistics help you uncover user activities you don’t even know about. Focus on the important stuff: filter by sessions with specific clicks, input field changes, or URLs visited. Choose from more than 40 filters , combine them freely and locate interesting moments among thousands of recordings. Privacy under control – Manage privacy latest database  and exclude sensitive text on screen or personal data. UXtweak is GDPR and CCPA compliant and stores data securely in the AWS Cloud . UXtweak session recording features: Activity Tracking: Track any user activity on time SmartSearch with more than 40 filters  Click, tap, scroll and move heat maps Analytics and page speed metrics Detailed user profiles You can skip idle, take notes, adjust playback speed or share the recording with a secret URL. A  with Google Tag Manager. A  With UXtweak, you get not only a heatmap tool, but also a complete set of research and testing tools to help you improve your website and apps. Here are some of the features you will have access to with UXtweak: website usability testing, mobile app usability testing, prototype testing, preference testing, surveys, and many more.

Easy implementation in 3 clicks

Attention, and what elements distract them. The excellent visual representation of user interaction with the website makes it easy for users to identify strategic  BH Lists points for their digital business. VWO’s innovative Dynamic Heatmaps navigation mode allows website owners to navigate between different pages while viewing data in elements of these pages. Not only does it get all the data you need, but it also puts you in the audience’s shoes at the same time, allowing you to see your product from both perspectives. 

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