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Patients nee to learn to live with MS. The Dobro Returns Foundation gives patients hope for a better tomorrow – the opinions of those under their care speak for themselves. the foundation’s support is invaluable in the unequal fight against this insidious disease. Multiple sclerosis – when you hear the diagnosis. The Good Returns Foundation – opinions about the disease The Good Returns Foundation – the opinions of the charges are of great importance Financial aid worth its weight in gold How to use the help? Multiple sclerosis – when you hear the diagnosis.

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Do you know what happens to the body when the immune system is not working properly? People struggling with multiple sclerosis know this very well. MS is a chronic, autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. In a healthy body, the brain Belize WhatsApp Number List sends nerve impulses to the cells, allowing all organs to function efficiently. In MS, this process is disturbe. The immune system treats the nerve sheaths in the brain and spinal cord, calle myelin as foreign bodies. The immune cells attack the myelin and damage it. As a consequence, there is a partial or complete interruption of nerve conduction.

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This leads to information being sent slowly, distorte or not sent at all. The destruction of the surrounding myelin cells is a demyelinating process. For every destruction there is a scar, The specificity of multiple sclerosis can be summe up in one sentence – the BH Lists body attacks itself. The immune system, which under normal conditions guards health and helps fight infections, mistakenly recognizes and attacks the cells of its own body. He treats them as if they were intruders, foreign bodies bacteria. The Good Returns Foundation – opinions about the disease There is no cure for MS.

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