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Paintball, rafting or skiing will let you feel the adrenaline and the pleasant thrill of competition. Other groups of employees, whether due to age or the type of work performed on a daily basis, may prefer, for example, a dance party or a cooking workshop. The easiest way is to just do a little research and find out what the team would like. integration events Corporate events – other ideas various types of workshops, such as photography, art and sculpture; dance parties, karaoke, a concert of wishes with dedications, or a selection of our company’s top music; origami, calligraphy, chess or floral art classes.

A pleasant time filled to the brim

Kayaking or pontoon trips, riding school, trekking, skiing; descents on “anything”; escape room, escape room. Integration event – Commplace Training Center, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Company party? Or maybe a mini vacation? Integration events are Vietnam WhatsApp Number List best organized outside the workplace. First of all, not every company has the capacity and social facilities to host a larger number of people. And secondly, we’ll still feel like we’re working overtime. An integration event outside the company’s headquarters may be a meeting in your favorite pub, but such an outing does not actually break the daily routine.

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Unique tips and curiosities from the kitchen

Large integration events are best organize somewhere away. For example, combine them with a trip to the mountains. You can also organize some training BH Lists or workshops. This will give us the justification to use the time normally allocated to work as well. So trips as part of work, for example on Thursday and Friday for training, and Saturday and Sunday can be additionally planned individually. It may turn out that such a mini vacation is a great bonus that will become part of our blood over time.

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