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A picnic is a great opportunity to organize outdoor games , such as a football match, dodgeball or company Olympic games. When inviting families with children, you cannot forget about attractions for the youngest. Hiring an animator who will fill the time of the little ones with great fun will be a bull’s-eye. In the summer, we can also organize a one-day company integration, for example in the form of a bicycle or car rally (in the latter we will reward not the fastest, but the safest ones!). It can also be a joint trip to the lake or for mushrooms.

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In companies where work is as intensive or even more intensive in the summer than in other periods of the year, such a one-day break can work very well. It will allow you to relax, temporarily break away from the daily routine and hard work. 3. Autumn Portugal WhatsApp Number List workshops Autumn, melancholic aura, unfortunately, does not encourage you to spend time outside. Therefore, it is worth organizing company integration in a building, for example a climatic hotel. In order to wake up employees a bit and provide them with a lot of positive impressions, you can invite them to inspiring workshops.

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Corporate integration is a good way to raise morale during the autumn spleen. Culinary workshops A great idea is to organize culinary workshops , during which participants will not only learn basic recipes, but also learn the secrets of exquisite culinary BH Lists art. Cooking workshops under the guidance of a professional, experienced chef are a guarantee of a pleasant time filled to the brim with unique tips and curiosities from the kitchen. After the workshop, you can organize a team culinary competition in which employees will be able to use the knowledge gained during the course.

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