What is a CAME Analysis and how to do it step by step

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A CAME Analysis , whose initials are the acronym for ” C orrect, Adapt , Maintein and E xplore” ( Correct , Adapt , Maintain and E xplore). Is a complementary business process to the SWOT that seeks to be able to improve the current situation your company is in and project it over time. All of this, obviously, following the mission, vision and corporate values ​​and, in general. The objectives initially set by its predecessors. Analyze the current situation of your company (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities) and write what improvements it needs ,

Offensive strategy

This tool does not stand alone, but is a direct complement to the SWOT Analysis. Which we already talked about in email contact list great detail previously in this blog. The “marriage” between both tools is super necessary A CAME Analysis and is very useful for any company. as we will see later. And, when doing  ( Correct , Adapt , Maintain and Explore ) . It is essential that you take the SWOT of your business as a starting point. Remember that this other analysis gives you the real situation of your company after analyzing the Weaknesses , Threats , Strengths andboth internally and taking advantage of what comes from the outside.

Defensive strategy

What is the purpose of doing a CAME Analysis exactly? What is the purpose of doing. Although you have been able to BH Lists intuit it from its definition. this procedure is useful, taking into account the components that already make up our SWOT. to achieve the following: Correct A CAME Analysis Weaknesses. Once you know the weak points of your company. You must implement an action plan that reinforces your internal structures and strategies and avoids continuing with that situation. The direction you want for your company plays a fundamental role here; It will help you determine the points that need urgent intervention.

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